A project of IQS Executive Education students has affirmed that exoskeletons reduce the 40% of the lumbar load in the work processes and help eliminate 100% of the work accidents.

Specifically this study, which has been carried out by three students and presented in the second edition of the Management International Purchasing (MIP) program of IQS Executive Education in the category of Exoskeletons, is titled ‘Purchasing Innovation’.

In this way, the students have researched how to reduce the physical health problems of the workers of the Rubí plant of the German group Continental Automotive. According to professionals, the introduction of exoskeletons in the Continental company would help in innovation, cost, quality and productivity.

“With the project we would have a 100 percent cancellation of work accidents,” said one of the students in the presentation. At the end of the project, they assured that the human resources department, trade unions and workers of the German company have seen the exoskeleton as a way to increase their productivity and their bonus.

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