On the 6th, 7th and 8th of September, our sister company could be visited at the “Technische Industriele Vakbeurs” in Hardenberg. “This was the first time that we had a booth at the TIV” says Rogier Barents, CEO of InteSpring. “It was our intention, as experts on the integration of springs, to promote our services, like our price competitive endurance tests, our consultancy solutions and to promote our skills as exoskeleton builders”

“At our booth we had several items to show, one of which was a sneak peek of parts of the ExoBuddy*, but it was especially the Laevo that got allot of attention”. “It was great to see that the immediate applicability of the Laevo surprised allot of people”.  Rogier smiles: “Overall we did well on this event, we met with some interesting people, had some very great conversations, which resulted in several orders”.

“Will we be a part of the the “Technische Industriele Vakbeurs” next time? That is too soon to say, but if we are, we will bring the Laevo along with us!”


* In a cooperation with TNO and the Ministry of Defence, InteSpring works on the ExoBuddy: a supportive exoskeleton for carrying heavy loads on the back. Users unanimously agree that lightweight structures, that will make a 40kg backpack feel like only 15kg will be essential to their outfit.