LAEVO BV receives strategic investment from KAJI CORPORATION to strengthen the position of the Company as the leader in the development of passive exoskeleton solutions.

This investment is a reflection of KAJI’s ongoing relationship with Laevo as distributor for the Asian market since 2018.


Delft – October 1st – Laevo BV today announced a strategic investment from KAJI Corporation [Japan] to further strengthen the position of the Company as leader in the development of passive exoskeleton solutions.

In addition to this investment, KAJI and Laevo are expanding their partnership by focussing on growing opportunities in the Asian market.

The decision to become distributor of the Laevo came after an extremely successful event in Japan where the Laevo was shown to the Japanese public. Companies in the automotive and heavy industry sector immediately showed interest. The enormous potential for the Laevo in the Asian market has been proved ever since.


About KAJI Corporation

KAJI developed a variety of businesses and materials, and in 1995 succeeded in developing EXGEL, a miracle material that possesses both solid and liquid properties and applied in the Laevo exoskeleton.

Since 2018 KAJI is the distributor of the Laevo for the Asian market. KAJI Corporation is established 1969 and based in Japan.


About Laevo BV 

Laevo has designed a passive (no batteries needed) back support exoskeleton, that will help the worker to fight fatiguing and stress during physically demanding jobs.

Laevo evolves form a grant project, started by InteSpring BV in December 2009; “The development of an exoskeleton for supporting the upper body during lifting in health care”. At the end of 2013, the project was completed and the exoskeleton for working in a bent-over position was a fact.
Laevo aims to improve workplace health and workplace productivity by providing exoskeleton support solutions. Employees who are generally healthy, fit and resilient are less likely to suffer from physical and mental illness. Good mental and physical health impacts well-being, which in turn supports productivity, resulting in a competitive advantage for employers. Retaining and returning employees can reduce the burden of disability costs as well as aged care costs.

Laevo was founded in 2013 and is based in Delft, The Netherlands. Laevo is continuously increasing its presence worldwide.

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